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Department of Civil Engineering

Head of Department (HoD)

ADITYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY and Management established the department of Civil Engineering (CE) in 2013 with an initial intake of 60 students and got approval for additional intake of another 60 seats in 2014. A Post Graduate program (M. Tech) in CE was introduced in 2014 with an intake of 18 seats. Both the B.Tech and M.Tech programs were duly approved by the ACET and Govt of Andhra Pradesh and the institution is affiliated to JNTU-KAKINADA. The department of CE is leaping forward with strength by strength over the years.

Programmes offered

DCE (Diploma in Civil Engineering)60
Under GraduateIntake
B.Tech (Civil Engineering)120
Post GraduateIntake
M.Tech (Structural Engineering)18


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S.No Name of the facultyTitleReferenceJournal
1 A.Naga sai A Comparative study of compression strength and split tensile strength on effect of size of coarse aggregate in fibre reinforced concrete with different grades International journal of engineering research and technology,volume 6,issue-6,June 2017 International Journal
2 A.Naga sai Minerological study on high silicaa fume concreteat elevated temperatures by XRD analysis International Journal for Science and Advance Research In Technology,volume 3,issue-6,june 2017 International Journal
3 A.Naga sai Assesment of mechanical properties of concrete using wood as partial cement replacement Indian Journal of radiology and imaging,volume-4,issue-1,2017 Indian journal
4 S.Siva Charan Modelling and analysis (Gravity and seismic)of two different buildings with and without infill walls using software SAP2000 International Journal of Science Engineering and Advance Technology(IJSEAT) volume-5,issue-9,september 2017,pp.928-937 International Journal
5 S.Siva Charan Non Linear static analysis of 3-D RC Framed asymmetric building with lead rubber 1 isolator using SAP2000v15 indian journal of radiology and imaging(IJRI),volume-4,issue-1,june-2017,pp.741-746 Indian journal
6 S.Siva Charan Study on behaviour of concrete with ultrafine ceramic powder and silica fume in aggressive environment indian journal of radiology and imaging(IJRI),volume-4,issue-1,june 2017,pp.735-740 Indian journal
7 S.Siva Charan Strength and Workability assesment of ordinary concrete and M-25 Grade concrete using Tandur stone slurry powder and flyash International journal of engineering research and technology,volume 6,issue-5,May 2017,pp.598-602 International Journal
8 S.Siva Charan Strength and Workability assesment of ordinary concrete and self compaction concrete using Tandur stone slurry powder-A comparision International journal of engineering research and technology,volume 5,issue-11,November 2016,pp.411-415 International Journal
9 CH.Bhaskararao Experimental study on lime stone powder and copper slag on strength properties in concrete with partial replacement cement and fine aggregate International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Applications(IJMCA), volume 5,issue-1,2017,ISSN:2320-6349 International Journal
10 J.Chandini Devi Flexural Strength behaviour of R.C.Beams using Environmental wastes International Journal of Engineering and Management research(IJEMR)Volume-7, Issue-4, July-August 2017 ISSN(Online):2250-0758,ISSN (Print):2394-6962,pp:270-272 International Journal