Chairmans-Aditya college of Engineering & Technology

Chairman's Message

I believe in the philosophy of thought, word and deed as eternal which made Aditya what it is today.

My thought to set a high bar to the institutions I setup by rising to the challenges of the educational field and get prepared for a life dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge,

My word which always reflected my vision and gained the conviction of the heads of the institutes and parents,

And my deed which makes my home and workplace as extensions of each other by considering the staff and students as the members of my extended family shaped Aditya.

I know the value of a good education, more so because I did not have the benefit of the facilities that make the learning process smooth. I began my career as a lecturer, giving up my desire of qualifying in the Service Commission Examination. Out of my despair was born a strong determination which took the shape of Aditya Educational Institutions.

Challenges, Competition and the fear of failure are natural, but success embraces those who face these with the can-do attitude. For me this can-do attitude is backed up by our state-ofthe- art infrastructure, picturesque & inspiring setting and devoted team of faculty-members and administrators. The learning ambience at all the constituting Institutions is perfectly suited for all-round growth and academic excellence. Today, the group has a proud record of evolving efficient, confident and highly knowledgeable technocrats, managers, pharmacists and entrepreneurs with global thinking and futuristic mind-set.

The present-day job market poses fresh challenges that need to be managed innovatively. Global business Incubation centre, Microsoft Innovation Centre, Technical Skill Development Institute, T-hub, Training and Placement Cell, GATE coaching etc., act as perfect vehicles for this.

I wish you all the best.

Vice-Chairman's Message

As a direct product of Aditya I know how my father toiled to place Aditya on the academic map of the country through its various phases of expansion even under the most trying circumstances.

My Masters degree from UTS Australia, the best university in the continent, has given me deeper understanding and insight into the education system. This was coupled with the ideology of my father which enabled me to take the onus of steering Aditya. In succession, Aditya technical campus, Surampalem has been established to offer professional education in engineering, technology, management and pharmacy with the core concept of quality and excellence.

Ever since its inception in 2001, the campus has registered speedy progress by upholding its abiding commitment to advance knowledge and educate students in science and technology. The prime aim of the campus is to make teaching and research relevant to the practical world.

The campus offers numerous opportunities for the aspiring students which lay a strong foundation for the corporate world. T-Hub is a specimen of innumerable opportunities provided to students with enough competitive inputs to become T-shaped engineers, facilitate internship opportunities on the campus, develop partnerships with corporate and industry giants etc. through its various programs.

The ultimate aim of Aditya is to make the campus the ‘first stop’ for companies in the recruitment process. In this regard training and placement cell takes utmost care to groom students according to the needs of the industry.

Keeping in view the demands of the work environment which is beyond just knowledge and marks, a lot of emphasis is laid on the overall personality development of the students. Various clubs run by the students, events like VEDA (technical fest) and COLOURS (youth fest) etc. challenge the latent talent in the students and bring them to the fore.

Finally a desire can change nothing, a decision can change something but a determination can change everything. For sure Aditya is strongly determined to provide its students a successful career

Wish you good luck.

Secretary's Message

As we look to the future, one thing is certain – knowledge will be a key resource and will be highly sought-after around the world. To meet this, Aditya primarily focuses on educating and training students to work in fields where they will be valued both for their specialized knowledge and for their ability to research, communicate and solve problems.

Learning is not just confined to the classroom at Aditya. It is something beyond that in the form of conferences, workshops, seminars, guest lectures, hackathons, appons, project making, community initiatives, sports, culturals, clubs and other co-curricular and extracurricular activities. These activities expose students to aspects beyond the curriculum, thus adding value to their professional success. The magnificent infrastructure of Aditya and the dynamic and qualified staff set the right ambience for facilitating these activities.

Owing to my education in one of the best schools of India, The Good Shepherd School, Ooty, and the exposure I gained there, especially in the field of Information Technology, I am fully aware of the ever increasing demands of the world.

With a close watch on the dynamics of the fast-changing world which urges the academicians to give the right impetus for making life-long learners we ensure the on-going relevance of our academic programs twined with substantial training on Industry-oriented employability skills and scientific assessment and evaluation. Also, with a belief that, character, without which a man though may be useful to himself, would not be useful to the society, we strive to create responsible students who are epitomes of highest ethics and social conduct.

I am very delighted to express that the quality of Adityans is recognized by the employers who offer jobs to our students even before the announcement of the results. Our alumni are contributing in their professions and have earned senior positions in public & private sector nationally and internationally

Keep going!

Principal's Message

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well.”

- Aristotle.

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." - Albert Einstein. It is only through knowledge that man attains immortality. Knowledge has to expand or grow to remain knowledge. The road to excellence is toughest, roughest and steepest in the Universe. The world requires and honors only excellence. Available information has to be directed by wisdom and intelligence to create new knowledge. Promotion of creativity is the new role of education. It is only through creative thinking that the present and future problems can be addressed to find dynamic solutions. Technology should be used to help remove poverty from the world. In fact 40% of the world's poor are in India. Confidence leads to capacity. It is faith in oneself that produces miracles. Education at ACET helps build Character, Strengthen the mind, expand the intellect and establish a culture of looking at problems in a new perspective. The student is put through rigorous training so that he can stand on his own feet after leaving the portals of the Institute.

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