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Department of Information Technology

Head of Department (HoD)

ADITYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY and Management established the department of Information Technology in 2006 with an intake of 60 students. The department is headed by Mr. K.ARUN BHASKAR with well experienced teaching faculty working under him. The B.Tech program was duly approved by the ACET and Govt of Andhra Pradesh and the institution is affiliated to JNTU-KAKINADA.The department of IT is leaping forward with strength by strength over the years.

Programmes offered

Under GraduateIntake
B.Tech. (Information Technology)60


S.No Name of the facultyResearch AreaTitle
1 R.SRINIVAS MEDICAL IMAGE PROSSING Early detection of spondy lifis using warelets
2 G.SANJIV RAO WSNS Deployments Schemes for WSNs
3 R.V.S.LALITHA MOBILE COMPUTING Vehicular ad-hoc networks pile up sin darn dissemination
4 CH.S.V.V.S.N.MURTY ATA MINING Spatial Data mining
5 P.NANNA BABU DATA MINING Privacy Data mining


S.No Name of the facultyTitleReferenceJournal
1 R.SRINIVAS Journal of Computer Engineering Volume 2, Issue 2, March-April 2012 ISSN No.: 2250 � 2637 Privacy-Preserving Demographic Filtering Alambic Management System International Journal
2 R.SRINIVAS IOSR Journal of Engineering May. 2012, Vol. 2(5) pp: 1091-1094 Preserving Privacy in Horizontally Partitioned Databases Using Hierarchical Model International Journal
3 R.V.S.LALITHA Industrial Engineering Letters ISSN 2224-6096 (print) ISSN 2225-0581 (online) Vol 2, No.5, 2012 MARKOV MODEL: Analyzing its behavior for Uncertainty conditions International Journal
4 R.V.S.LALITHA Network and Complex Systems, ISSN-610x(Paper)ISSN 2225-0603 Online,Vol 2 No.3,2012 Mobile Adhoc Networks-Dangling issues fo Optimal Path Strategy International Journal
5 M.Uma Devi - Multi Agent Distributed Time sharing Systems International Conference
6 S.N.S.V.S.C.Ramesh - Software Effort Estimation using Radial Basis and Generalized Regression Neural Networks International Journal
7 K.Pradeep Kumar - Performance Evaluation of all positive and negative application rules International Journal
8 R.SAILAJA - Virtualized Heterozeneous Cluster System to Automatically Balance the Workload International Conference
9 S.S.R.K.M.Guptha - Integrated Model for Test Case Prioritization of Divergent Apps International Journal
10 B.Durga Anuja (0975 888) Volume 47 No.7, June 2012 Effective Bandwidth Utilization using Trusted LPEs in Anonymous Communication International Journal